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 How to Roleplay

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PostSubject: How to Roleplay   How to Roleplay Icon_minitimeMon Aug 04, 2008 3:30 pm

Roleplay, or RP for short, is where you replace yourself with a character in different types of conversations. It can be used just for fun or to develop new characters. Either way, it is important to know all of the slang and format of roleplaying.

First the slang. It is good to know the slang of roleplaying, so that you know what people are saying when they are talking to you. Here are some common ones;

Anthro – character that is part human and part animal OR roleplay that is uses anthro characters
BIC – back in character
Copy Character – used to explain characters that are based off of shows/movies/books
Fursona – animal character that represents yourself (also see Sona and Persona)
Godmoding – controlling someone else’s character OR having your character immune to everything (also see Power Play)
Human – character this is human OR roleplay that uses human characters
Lurking – being at the chat, but not being in the chat
Newbie – someone who is new to the site or roleplaying (not the same as N00bie)
N00bie/N00b -- someone that is a complete moron, doesn’t follow the rules, doesn’t know what they are talking about, and doesn’t care to learn anything (not the same as Newbie)
OC – original character
OCC -- out of character chat
OT – off topic
Persona – human character that represents yourself (also see Fursona and Sona)
Plot – what is planned to happen in a roleplay or number of roleplays
Power Play – controlling someone else’s character OR having your character immune to everything (also see Godmoding)
Reply – to post a response to another roleplay
RP – roleplay
Setting – the season, location, time, ect of a roleplay (mainly done in novel roleplays)
Sona – character that represents yourself (also see Fursona and Persona)
Quad – character with four legs OR animal character OR roleplay that uses quad characters

Now that you have the slang covered, you are ready to learn about the two main types of Roleplaying. These can go by different names, but for this tutorial, we are going to use the names Script and Novel. These are very popular types of roleplaying and are probably the ones you are most likely to see.

Script roleplay is a more relaxed version of roleplaying. It is named because it is very similar to the script of a play or story. Here is how it is done;

First, we are going to start an introduction. To script, you place the characters name in front. Take the example below. Say your character's name is Larry and you want him to say something like, "Hello". And say that you want people to know that he is happy. Then you would say something like this:

Larry: Hello :3

By saying "Larry:", you let the people you are RPing (roleplaying) with Larry and that he is the character you are currently using. The "Hello" is what your character said and the ":3" is a smiley face (look at it sideways if you don't see it). Smilies are your friends. They show what your character is thinking and makes it easier for the other people to reply to your post.
There. Now we have a nice, happy greeting. Now let's have Larry do some actions. To have a character do actions you place *'s or -'s around what they are doing. For example say you want Larry to snicker. Instead of using past tense, like in novel RP (as you will learn later in this tutorial), you will use present tense. All you do is this:

Larry: *snickers*
Larry: -snickers-

There. Now we have a fully functional Larry. He can talk and do actions! So, now let us put something from novel RP over to script RP with what we have learned. Take the phrase...

Larry stretched out. "How's it going?" He said with a smile.

This will change to...

Larry: -stretches out- How's it going? :3

Pretty easy, no? Now I bet you are pretty ready to script RP with the big boys. Well, don't get ahead of yourself. There is one thing that you should avoid doing. It is called Power Play, or Godmoding. This should be avoided at all costs. It is where you will try to control other's character or when you act like your character can beat anyone. This is a big turn off to people who want to RP with you and you will find that your RPs end, or die, quickly. Examples of this are:

Larry: -kills Bill-
Larry: -avoids every attack thrown at him-

Another thing to avoid is the One Liners. These are were you have a extremely limited reply or response to who ever you are RPing with. Using only a smiley in your reply is also an example of this. Try not repeating yourself and think of fresh new ideas. Examples of one liners are:

Larry: Oh.
Larry: :3

If you follow all of these helpful hints, you should be well set for you very first RP in any script RP chat. You can later jazz up your RP's adding more characters, inventing your own smilies, or having unique characters. And remember, NEVER copy anyone else characters or ideas. It is a big no-no.

Novel roleplays take longer and are more involved. These ones are named “Novel” because they are as if you are writing a novel book. These ones tend to be more serious than the script and usually take a lot more time.

We will be using Paul and Molly for this one. Since we are in a canine chat we will be roleplaying in quad form. These are usually best if they are just between two people. First, you will have to pick a setting for your roleplay. For example:

Winter and at a big city and in the morning

You usually pick the season, location, and time. You can pick other details if you want, but make sure the other person is okay with it. Some characters don’t fit some settings, so work it out before you start. After you pick out your setting, pick out your characters as well and then pick someone to start. If you are new to roleplaying novel, it is good to let the more advanced person begin. Starting the roleplay can be hard and take some time.

Now, in novel roleplays you type in past tense. Just act like you are writing a story and you should be fine. Here is an example of a novel roleplay start:

Paul was laying in the meadow. The light wind brushed against his silver fur and made it shine in the morning sun. His head lay on his front paws and he closed his golden eyes. He had a good feeling about today. After warming up in the sun, he sat up and stretched out. He shook off and then headed down the meadow hill, towards the pond to get a drink.

You can add more descriptions and such, but don’t make it too long or else it will get boring to read. But also don’t make it too short. It should be five sentences at the least. You can tell your characters name, or wait until the other character asks for it. Here is an example of a reply to this starter:

She sat with her tail between her legs under a large oak tree. She was scared and alone, not knowing where she was. Only a dachshund pup, she had no idea what she was going to do. Suddenly she saw something move in the distance. She coward down, afraid for the worst.

Notice how this reply involves the other character. You don’t have to involve the other one right away, but make sure to do it in the first four posts, or else the roleplay may fizzle out. Eventually your replies might only be one sentence long, but do not worry. This is fine for a little while, but don’t keep it light that.
Make sure you are doing your part to keep the roleplay interesting. You can throw in new characters or new plots as it goes on. Do not repeat yourself too many times. Also, just like in script RPs, Godmoding and Power Play are bad ideas and will probably end your roleplay very fast.

There! Now you know the basic rules of roleplaying. Go have some fun!
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How to Roleplay
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